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L'ATTESA: mixed media on blue opaline crystal; Year 2002.

L'attesa, mixed media on blue opaline crystal, cm.18x24.

Hello everybody, my name is Rosa Alba Gambicchia, I am an artist who lives in Italy. I sign and guarantee my hand-painted works by my own trademark "W-MARE". In my work I usually follow two main guide-lines:

I use glass, crystal, ceramic as a support for my creations which include: glass windows and doors, bottles and bowls, demijohns, and all sort of panels, lampshade bases,   and paintings on rare opaline crystal;

I use more classical techniques:watercolour, acrylic, oil, for my paintings on cloth, my art on canvas, paper and wood.

I have participated in various group exhibitions and one-man shows. My paintings and works are part of collections in various Associations and private collections (Milano, Monfalcone, Monte Argentario in Tuscany, Padua, Sicily, Verona, etc.).

For further details on prices or orders, please contact me:

Rosa Alba Gambicchia
via Sante Innocente n.2/A
33050 Fiumicello (UD) - Italy

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