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"W-MARE's Painted Opaline Crystal"

Each article is made of antique material, hard to find out: rare Opaline Crystal; A trademark and copyright protect and guarantee the hand painted crystal. A special tecnique makes the painted subjects as three-dimensional, then they are treated to be proof against scratches and sunlight. Each article is hand finished.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

sterna "Sterna", 2001, mixed media on black opaline crystal cm.28,5x34 ca.
cavalli_selvaggi "Wild horses", 2001, mixed media on green opaline crystal, cm.28x20 ca.
megattera_e_gabbiani "Whale and seagulls", 2001, mixed media on opaline crystal, base cm.33,5, h. cm.23
free spirits "Free Spirits", anno 2003, acrylics on blue opaline crystal, cm.15x18, (Priv. Coll.)
scilla "Scilla", anno 2001, mixed media on black opaline crystal, cm.19x27 ca.

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